First meeting: Prof. Tsai explain Qi Kong and energy training (Only Audio)

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FIRST MEETING TO TALK ABOUT HEALTH AND ENERGY: Prof. Tsai explain the steps of training energy (AUDIO ONLY) First – Start to Tai Chi Sencond – Chi- Kung (Chi means Energy, Kung means training) Third- Taoist meditation

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FIRST MEETING TO TALK ABOUT HEALTH AND ENERGY: Adriana part. 2 – answering participant’s questions.

”Question: I was also treated by Tsai for something similar to Panic Disorder so, I would like to ask you what were the symptoms that you used to have? How did you feel and how long it took until you notice that you were getting better?

Adriana: Well, there are many symptoms of Panic Disorder and the trigger varies person to person. In my case, I couldn’t be stuck in traffic. If I see a lot of cars stopping, in a place where I can’t have access to urgent help, if I don’t know the place where I am driving or if there are hospitals around, I would have shortness of breath. It felt like there was a hole in my stomach, my hands started to sweat and get numb, I felt palpitation in my heart, shortness of breath and fear of something that I don’t know what it was. An uncontrollable fear, I just wanted to disappear.

It is an awful sensation. Who has it doesn’t want to have it again. I started to avoid things, avoid leaving my house. In a crisis the feeling is that you are going to die, it’s awful. Later, while I was treating a bad moment last year, after 3 or 4 sessions I started to feel calmer, that anxiety decreased a lot. In the beginning, I was still taking some medicine, but just in emergency. Today I don’t take it anymore, I can control myself.

Tsai: That’s a good question, I believe that this conversation will clarify a lot of doubts. It’s very dangerous for people to face something that they don’t know, it’s very risky. There are those who speaks more, those who speak less, I always say to people… well, I will let this to the end, It will get easier to understand. Is there anyone who wants to ask something else about this?

Question: Adriana, when we have this kind of pathology, the first thing we do is to look for a doctor. We all do that and the diagnosys are always immediate: it’s something chemical, something psychological. How was this for you, this search for a professional help?

Adriana: In the beginning I did a lot of exams. I went to a cardiologist, neurologist, all sorts of doctors. Then I would be examined and nothing wrong would appear, I was healthy. Later, I went to a psychiatrist and he diagnosed me with Panic Disorder, this was a long time ago. I wish I have met Tsai before. I’ve read some patients testimonies and they said that they started to feel better in one or two sessions. So I kept waiting for my second session to get better too. But due to the long time I spent taking medicines, it took me more time to cleanse my body, energy and everything, each person is unique. But thank God I am a lot better now, that’s the most important thing, just that. I was examined for several times and nothing was wrong, I looked for every possible doctor until I was diagnosed. I started treating with a lot of medicines and that was it.”
(Thanks to Marcela Tamayo for help with traslation)

The original language is portuguese but english captions are available on Youtube.

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Experiência de Tui Shou, push hands no centro Taoísta.

Experiência de Tui Shou, push hands no centro Taoísta.
Usei como referência o relato da Flavia, onde ela diz que o peso e a raiz da leveza e a palavra ceder, quanto mais ela cedia mais doía as pernas.
Segue aqui os links de referência



E foi exatamente como aconteceu comigo recentemente nas aulas particulares com o professor Tsai.
Após a aula fiquei com muitas dores nas coxas e um pouco preocupado, pois precisava trabalhar ainda.
Ao final da noite nao so consegui fazer minha própria janta, outrora eu teria comido fora tamanho o cansaço, mas me sentia super disposto. Dormi bem e tranquilamente essa noite.
Na manhã seguinte, também uma surpresa, achei que iria dormir ate tarde como de costume, mas aconteceu o contrário, acordei mais cedo do que imaginava, por volta das 6 A.M.
O professor Tsai e a Flavia nos diz que todo aprendizado requer um esforço e eu senti e estou sentido isso fisicamente, nas aulas. Sempre obedecendo os limites do corpo e a constância, recomendações que o professor Tsai faz repetidamente, o treino de energia sempre tem para onde melhorar, seja abaixando mais a postura das pernas, seja refinando os movimentos dos braços e sua amplitude com leveza, mas simultaneamente tonificados e firmes, algo que se leva anos, talvez até décadas para se atingir com plenitude.
Alguns movimentos do Tai Chi passo a repetir menos, pois as pernas cansam e estou literalmente suando a camisa.
Ainda tenho muito que aprender nesse terreno do treino de energia, mas o pouco que consegui experienciar me sinto no dever de compartilhar.
A sensação de enraizamento, eu citei e meus colegas já citaram várias vezes, então dessa vez vou colocar um exemplo prático que me aconteceu no metrô esses dias. Sabe quando o maquinista dá uma freada bruscamente e todos num efeito dominó caem sobre os outros?
Pois então, seja porque eu estava segurando bem o corrimão ou por estar mais alerta por conta dos treinos a pessoa ao meu lado caiu em cima de mim e eu quase não me mexi. Senti um exemplo prático de enraizamento.
English Version


Hello! Everyone
Today I wanna share my experience of Push hands, Tui Shou lessons at Taoist center.
I used Flavia’s testimony as a reference.
She wrote about Tao Te Ching Chapter 26 that the heavy is the root of lightness and the word
to cede, to give in, more she ceded more her legs get painfull.
Here are the reference links

And it was exactly just happened to me recently in private lessons with Professor Tsai.
After class I had a lot of pain in my legs and I was worried because I had to work.
but against my worries in the end of the day I was good and energize ,I made my own dinner, in other time I would take my meal in restaurant and then go back to home to take a shower, sleep and wake up in the middle of the day on the next day.
But nothing of this happen!
I cooked, took a shower and sleep very calm.
The next morning, also a surprise, I woke up earlier than I imagined, around 6 A.M. What kind of magic is this?
No magic at all! just trainning Qi energy! Day by day I realized that Tai Chi Qi energy trainning Chi Kung is real! It is palpable!but it is not easy, not simple! We must strive.
Professor Tsai and Flavia tell us that all learning requires effort and I felt it physically in class. Professor Tsai always advice ” stay alert of the limit of your body” ” constancy” will allow you to overcome this limit day by bay, week by week, month by month, year by year, decade by decade. Everyday! Just a few minutes.
“Qi”energy training always has where to improve, either lowering the posture of the legs, or refining the movements of the arms and their extent with lightness, but simultaneously toned and firm, something that takes years, maybe even decades to fully reach it.
So I am literally sweating the shirt sometimes I can not complete the full sequence because I’m doing very slowly and lowering the posture and this requires many energy and I can feel it.
I still have a lot of to learn in this field of ‘Qi’energy training, but the little that I have been able to experience I feel the duty to share.
The feeling of rooting, my colleagues mentioned I have quoted several times, so this time I’ll put a practical example that happened to me on the subway these days. Do you know when the underground driver suddenly give us a harsh braking and everyone, like a domino effect, falls on the others?
Well, maybe I was holding the handrails very tight, I was more alert due to energy training, but what is happen is the person next to me fell on me and I almost did not move. I felt a practical example of rooting.

I would like to invite you for our Second Meeting to talk about health and energy on March 24 (Saturday) From 8:15 until 10:30.
In this second debate meeting, Professor Tsai Shien Jong will explain how important it is to practice Tai Chi Chuan sequence, Tui Shou also known as Push Hands and some others “Qi” energy exercises can improve your health and longevity.
The lecture is free of charge so the seats are limited!
Send an email and request a application form

Realizado o Primeiro Encontro sobre Energia Saúde.

Olá pessoal

Dia 24 de fevereiro foi realizado o primeiro encontro sobre saúde e energia.  Tivemos vários depoimentos que giraram em torno do tema Ansiedade, Stress e Síndrome do Pânico que desencadeiam muitas outras doenças.Todas como fonte principal nosso desequilíbrio e bloqueio energético.O professor Tsai explicou minuciosamente as origens  desses bloqueios fazendo um paralelo com o estado pré-natal e o pós natal.Enquanto estamos no útero, temos de tudo, não precisamos nos preocupar com nada. Depois que nascemos, estado pós natal, começam os desafios, mas mesmo assim nos primeiros anos de vida, enquanto bebês, ainda permanecemos num estado de tranqüilidade,  conseguimos facilmente levar os pés na boca, muitas vezes dormimos como um anjinho no maior barulho, enfim tivemos uma vitalidade gigantesca. O professor Tsai disse que salvo os recém nascidos com problemas patológicos, e disse que não entrará no mérito da questão, a maioria tem um vigor, uma paz, uma tranquilidade que vão desaparecendo quando começamos a nos intelectualizar adentrando na vida social.

E eu diria que essa busca desenfreada por bens e posses, sempre projetando a felicidade ou bem estar em algo externo,  seria essa busca que nós fazemos, muitas vezes de forma inconsciente e desnorteada para o estado intra uterino que foi a época mais plena da nossa vida. Só que como não temos uma orientação, perdemo-nos e acabamos desperdiçando energia com essas buscas e as consequências são as doenças.

Assim o professor Tsai nos propõe, como um guia experimentado, a vivencia desses preciosos conhecimentos Taoístas herdados dos grandes mestres como a Acupuntura e o treinamento de energia Tai Chi Chuan, meditação Chi Kung e qigong para que possamos retornar ao estado pré natal fazendo um caminho inverso, ou seja, procurando e buscando dentro de nos mesmos.

Brevemente pequenos trechos em video serao disponibilizados.

English Version

Hello everyone!

In our First Meeting to talk about health and Qi energy on February 24th, we had several testimonials that the main theme was Anxiety, Stress and Panic disorder that trigger many other diseases.All of then came from  the same source, Qi energy imbalance.Professor Tsai explained the origins of these energies blocks by telling us about the prenatal and post natal states.While we are in the womb, we have everything, we do not have to worry about anything.After we are born, the challenges begin, but even so in the first years of ours life’s, we still remain in a state of tranquility, peacefully sleep, a baby can easily put his feet in the mouth the body is so malleable, energy is flowing freely, often sleeps like an angel no matter how noisily are around.

Professor Tsai said that except babies born with pathological problems  and said that he did not enter in this issue, most of the babies are vigorous.And this peaceful state of stillness and voidness will disappear year after year  we begin to intellectualize and put into the social life.

I would say that this pursuit for money, goods and possessions, always projecting happiness or well being into something external like the intoxicating pleasure that luxury gives us, especially in our imagination and daydreams.This is the search we do, often unconsciously to intrauterine state, the most plentiful age of our entire life. Since we do not have an orientation, we lose ourselves and we end up wasting energy and the consequence are the diseases.

Thus, Professor Tsai enlighten us with precious Taoist knowledge inherited from the great masters with Acupuncture and Tai Chi Chuan, Qi energy training, Chi Kung meditation and qigong, so we can be able to go back to TAO, our original home, prenatal state, looking for inside not outside.

soon small video clips of the Meeting will be available with English subtitles.





Kinjiro’s testimony (English Subtitles)


Kinjiro Sekiguchi





Flavia’s testimony with Professor Tsai Shien Jong – part 6 Final ( English Subtitle)


Flávia Lucato Castardelli