FIRST MEETING TO TALK ABOUT HEALTH AND ENERGY: Professor Tsai makes the opening speech

Professor Tsai makes the opening speech explaining that the Acupuncture treatment and Tai Chi ‘Qi’energy training, Chi Kung meditation, are not so far or beyond of which one of us for attaining health and longevity.

Many people have doubts about it and this talk is precisely about clarifying and enlighten these ‘blind spots’. There is no mystery at all. We can achieve!


The original language is portuguese but english captions are available on Youtube.To turn ON Translate Captions (CC) on YouTube videos, click on the (CC) button located at lower right corner and select ON and then select translate captions. A list of languages will appear in the middle of screen, scroll down the list and select ENGLISH. There are many tutorial videos on youtube with explanations about translate captions. Here is a translations of Professor Tsai speech:

“Good morning everyone!

Today we are holding the first meeting  to talk about health and energy

here, in addition to the patients and students we have some people who were indicated by then and for us the purpose of this lecture is make people understand why acupuncture treatment is so effectively and how we can improve our health through the energy training. I think most of the people already hear about tai chi, meditation chi kung so we are here after almost 20 years of experience being a disciple of taoist lineage I would like to share my experience in acupuncture treatment as tai chi instructor chi kung meditation and all this area we have been working for years we have veteran students that are practicing here for more than 10 years so I wanna  share this for people realize that energy training acupuncture treatment it is not something far or beyond sometimes I note through the patients words and also students I noticed that they have some ‘blind spots’ advice that they can’t understand why your treat is so effectively ? or think about this or that.

So we are here to explain and enlighten this points make then realize that energy training is not a mysterious things, it is something that all of you can achieved.”


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