1ªMeeting: Prof. Tsai answers the question about sexual energy

falando sexual

1ªMeeting to talk about health and energy: Prof. Tsai answers the question about how to deal with sexual energy by the Taoist lineage. considered secret and transmitted orally between master and disciple, sexual energy is called “essence”. More younger we are, more “essence” we have, and over the years it decrease. In energy training(TAICHI,CHI KUNG etc) We can renew the “essence”, but Prof. Tsai warns that this is a 2-edged knife. If the person is aligned for enlightenment purposes, this renewal of the essence will be beneficial to his longevity, but used inordinately may have the opposite effect abbreviating the person’s life. That is why this transmission is very selective and rigorous in the Taoist lineage.

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