Testimony of Flavia Lucato the student of Prof. Tsai Shien Jong on Tai Chi, Push hands and Taoist meditation …

Statement of process:

 I had been practicing Tai Chi and meditation every day for months, happy with a certain stability of my health. Without realizing it, I ended up parking in a comfortable area, without climbing another step of understanding. Until in a very intense class with Professor Tsai, he gave me a little “push” to make me realize what was happening. It was an intense lesson, forcing the connection on my axis a lot, and I was very tired. At first I thought that this effort had been bad, because it destabilized me and I felt old problems of my body to surface. But then I understood that this “worsening” gave me the impetus to go further, and after that episode I could more clearly understand some issues, including the body’s own connection to earth and sky. Once I was able to experience this connection more intensely, I also became aware of the grandiosity and absolute regimentation of these elements over me (of all of us, in fact), and in my training I began to experience the gentlest salivation sweeter. I had heard other people talk about “sweet saliva,” but until then it did not make sense to me.
After this episode I also understood with more clarity the need and importance of Push Hands. I did put the Push Hands practice as something important, but I think I just reproduced the Professor’s speech, without ownership of it. Now I can say that I have in me a real note to know that in the practice of Push Hands there is an essence to permeate the other movements that we learn. Even though I am still a beginner in practice, I recognize that there is indeed an essential issue.
Knowing (and feeling) that we are all governed by the same forces in this system is a knowledge that begins to permeate my way of seeing the world, 24 hours. It is a knowledge that makes me more humble, more tolerant and also more curious. (What else has always been here and I’ve never had eyes to see?) It’s as if the perception of my own world is widening. As if before I connected with a small diameter around me, but now that diameter extends on a spatial scale and I see myself as a small part of this great universe.
Another fact that has made me clear is the idea of the curve as a key to everything that exists. Nature has no straight lines, waves (or vibrations) maintains continuity by circular motion. Nothing straight endures. The planets align and rotate in constancy. Events as well. And our constant training brings us more and more to that frequency that rules the whole universe. Now the word “synchrony” that the Professor is talking about, also begins to make sense to me.
A phrase from the Professor this week was very present for me. It was something like: “We only have problems because we have this body. And it is then the means to solve the problems. ” It seems obvious, but this cleared to me the idea that the Professor also brought that the practice of Tai Chi is the union of all aspects to prevent issues like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. This sentence showed me that other measures can only be partial, and that in Tai Chi practice we integrate all aspects, and that only with this integration can we fill all the gaps of our problems, which only affect us precisely because we have this body. I came to the image that our body is like “a test with consultation”. We have questions to solve, and the answers are here. But if we do not know where to look or how to study, we can not succeed in the test.
In everyday life I have realized how easy it is to enter a mechanical movement, disconnecting from what is essential. I feel as if I have awakened a “watcher” inside me, who often pulls me back to what is essential when my mind begins to “seduce” itself by unnecessary things.
Today I also begin to understand why the Professor had told me that too much sleep at night is not a good sign. Now I realize that this intense brain activity is an imbalance, and also that too much imagination tends to keep me out of this reality where we are.
After the last private lesson with the Professor, where we talked a lot about  胯 “Kuá” (pelvic region, hips, groin), my sense of rooting became more present in all the movements I practiced, including in the posture of the tree. It seems to have opened up some more channel of communication between the lower and upper parts of my body.
Thank you, Professor Tsai, for the valuable teachings …!

 Flavia Lucato, 12/1/2016

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