Migraines/headache for 43 years…

Enxaqueca há 43 anos

Enxaqueca há 43 anos

“Migraines for 43 years”

             My name is Marcia Fatima Ferreira da Silva, 58 years and I have suffered a lot with migraines/headache  since I was 15 years old, so 43 years ago, I’m RECORD HOLDER as Prof. said Tsai, the former record holder suffered for 35 years and according to his testimony Prof. Tsai healed (see link below).


The migraines that have hindered me much, suffered so much, I tried several doctors, several hospitals and of course I took many, many, many remedies and always ended up taking a cocktail of drugs in the injection in the emergency department; I did several tests, EEG, CT scans and MRIs, among others and was never found anything that could explain the intense pain he felt, was vomiting a lot, was in bed in the dark, no noise and could not feel any smell (food perfume). So doctors have guided me to make a daily report on my food, and no food for months coincides with the previous crisis, said then that the problem was and told me to take emocianal Antidepressant, black label, controlled, ok, I took, and the my son’s car, called me needing help, and I was “OFF, the next day, learned about it, I cried a lot, and threw the black stripe in the trash. I spoke with the Neuro, who accompanied me for 30 years, and he told me that I am one of the five cases he found no solution and advised me to seek a “ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE”.

I did yoga for 6 months, improved but not resolved.

Read self-help books, but nothing worked.

I am Roman Catholic Apostolic, practitioner, and was the first time in my life the one Spirit Center, said that I had a job undone, but not solved.

I did massage, color therapy, acupuncture, greatly improved, but not resolved, with continued strong crisis that hindered me at all: to study, to work, to get along with family, with friends, as we marked, but suddenly the crisis arrived and I could not go to the appointment.

Returned to the doctors, the tests redone and nothing, refused antidepressants that all doctors that I wanted to take, prescribed me a very strong remedy, to be used as soon as I realized it would have the crisis and can only use two (2) tablets, maximum, with space between them, said the purpose remedy is the dilation of blood vessels, and did not pass the pain should go to an emergency room to take a Cocktail Injectable (unique solution).

So I acted for many years (about 23 years), but with the death of my father; soon after my only brother (aged 62) and my dear mother, all with cancer, which I accompanied them for treatment in hospitals and doctors, which the paintings we saw was a lot of suffering and death, I collapsed , LOST tHE GROUND, suffered in the soul, and migraine then became much more frequent and much stronger, medicines and injections of Ready Aid did not help me more time, ie, mostly crises emendavam one another, for months at chagava thinking it was not worth worth living well.

These last four months, I was practically bed, only leave home to go to the emergency room; sometimes in the SUS close to home, sometimes in agreement, when a doctor in the ER SUS picked me 2 or 3 times in a row, got scared and told me that the cocktail of injectable medicines are very strong, one just below the MORPHINE, other corticosteroids, and others, and with that much continuous use could kill me, that I was again a Neurologist; so he could not continue.

I went to the convention, I reported everything as it was one doctor who I did not know, he insisted and took antidepressant, which increased the pressure too much, my heart pounded day and night to 120 b / m and I started bleeding from the mouth and nose, scared I returned to the doctor who immediately suspended the antidepressant and prescribed me an ANTI EPLÉTICO, to change the brain’s neurotransmitters, which I refused to take; because I have no one with epilepsy in the family.

And migraine still destroying me in quality of life; not slept, ate too much, because if I was hungry, I observed that migraine fired; (The death of my mother 3 years ago, I gained 13 pounds so far).

My only child, an angel, desperate, seeing that every time I felt sicker, talked with a great friend, Edmar, another angel in my life, he was treating a problem with Prof. Tsai told my problem to the teacher, who ordered that I come here.

I started the treatment on 08/08/2014, as those hurt “OCNL” Prof. Tsai, “Chinese torture” as he joked, thought I would not endure, but nothing after Terminio session, out here with my son, very happy, light, like I was not overly long, but in the second instead, on 08/12/2014 did the session, but the migraine manifested, right here, very strong, I was desperate, I thought it would not help anything, but my son and his friend and his wife EDMAR MARI, asked that I nOT give up, that I was persistent and believed that I would heal me, as Prof. Tsai had spoken.

I could not go to the third session, I called and missed day 08/15/2014, but at the insistence of my son. I went there on 08.19.2014, and everything was wonderful as the first time, and then all other times, only once threatened the crisis, the old remedy used to prevent the crisis, and this time, she did not expressed, passed, and all was well until today and, hopefully forever.

Sounds like a dream, I returned to touring, doing small trips, I always liked, I went back to have courage to live without remedy.

I feel healed, happy, confident, and so thank God, to Prof. Tsai Shien Jong, to my dear son Alberto and our great friend EDMAR.

Thank you, God blees them.

São Paulo 12/09/2014 Marcia Fatima Ferreira da Silva


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